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We supply Chinese granite as well as granite from other parts of the world.

Chinese granite materials: G603HB, G654, G640, G655, G623, G623ZP, G636New, G682SD, Saphire Blue, Huidong Red, Maple Red, Butterfly Blue CN, Butterfly Green CN, Mongolia Black, Multicolor China, China Juaparana and many more. 

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We supply marble from around the world. 

Among most popular marble materials at the moment: Dark Emperador, White Wood, Silver Wave, Coffee Wood, Athen Wood, Mandela Wood, Black Wood, Silver Dragon, Cinderella Cn, Black Marquina CN, White marble, Oracle, Stars Grey, Ice Flower, Golden Coast, Twilight, White Onyx, Panda White, etc. 

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Quartz, artificial or engineered stone and semi precious stone collection. 

Among other materials we also offer;

limestone, slate, sandstone, etc.




Other Materials

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